The Fall league starts on September 13, 2015 and ends on November 8, 2015 (No Games October 11)

All Registered Teams will be required to provide at least 5 volunteers to help for a minimum of one day with the League beverage booths at Rainbow Festival. (October 10 & October 11).

The open and women's divisions will be playing on Sundays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm at [Cesar Chavez Park] located at 35th Avenue and Baseline Road. Any rain out games will made up on May 18, 2014. If you have any questions or concerns about the schedule, please use our [contact page] to email our league officers.

In the schedule below click on your team name to highlight all games played during the season.

Open and Women's Division Games are at Cesar Chavez Park

Games for September 13, 2015

Cesar Chavez Park NW (Field 4) Cesar Chavez Park NE (Field 1) Cesar Chavez Park SE (Field 2) Cesar Chavez Park SW (Field 3) Bye Week
Raw 8 AM Cash Cows
Bombshells 9 AM Cash Cows
Brew Crew 10 AM Bears
Firebirds 11 AM Ball Busters
Savages 12 PM Ball Busters
Bombshells 8 AM Marla Hooches
Raw 9 AM Marla Hooches
Warriors 10 AM Spare Parts
Savages 11 AM Rage
Brew Crew 12 PM Spare Parts
Firebirds 1 PM Rage
Inferno 8 AM Grizzlies
Angels 9 AM Grizzlies
Desert Heat 10 AM Dirtbags
Bears 11 AM Dirtbags
Desert Heat 12 PM Warriors
Lizards 8 AM Angels
Lizards 9 AM Inferno
Monsoon 10 AM Mavericks
Monsoon 11 AM Misfits
Mavericks 12 PM Misfits
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Games for September 20, 2015

Cesar Chavez Park NW (Field 4) Cesar Chavez Park NE (Field 1) Cesar Chavez Park SE (Field 2) Cesar Chavez Park SW (Field 3) Bye Week
Warriors 8 AM Dirtbags
Spare Parts 9 AM Dirtbags
Raw 10 AM Cash Cows
Raw 11 AM Grizzlies
Marla Hooches 12 PM Cash Cows
Spare Parts 8 AM Bears
Desert Heat 9 AM Bears
Bombshells 10 AM Marla Hooches
Rage 11 AM Lizards
Bombshells 12 PM Misfits
Grizzlies 1 PM Misfits
Brew Crew 8 AM Desert Heat
Brew Crew 9 AM Warriors
Rage 10 AM Ball Busters
Inferno 11 AM Ball Busters
Inferno 12 PM Angels
Firebirds 8 AM Mavericks
Firebirds 9 AM Savages
Mavericks 10 AM Savages
Monsoon 11 AM Angels
Monsoon 12 PM Lizards
All Teams Playing this Week

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Please note the above schedule is subject to change without notice, so please check back often for updates.